The Architecture Dedicated. Inspired. Passionate. ABOUT US CONTACT or Beautiful Exterior Design Your Imagination ABOUT US CONTACT or Fabulous Design Modern Exterior Design ABOUT US CONTACT or Renovation Renovate Your Design ABOUT US CONTACT or Temple Design Temple Architecture Design ABOUT US CONTACT or Office Spaces Work Space Design ABOUT US CONTACT or -vastushala consultants “imagination is the foundation of all inventions and innovations” ABOUT US CONTACT or

“imagination is the foundation of all inventions and innovations”

-vastushala Consultants

Vastushala Consultants Interior

We are an Award Winning Architecture Firm

VASTUSHALA CONSULTANTS is a multi-disciplinary firm that beliefs in delivering uniqueness to the clients preserving Individuality. Under the Leadership of Ar. Keshav Kr. Agrawal, with expertise in various fields of Design & Execution, we are able to fulfill all the requirements related to the field of Construction and Interiors. Also, we are the Pioneers in introducing Virtual Reality to the field of Architecture.

Modern design of Interior is the art of Creativity.

There is GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL in the Projects Designed by Vastushala Consultants and the Designs are “Minimalistic in nature”. We try to reduce the construction cost through Design and to make the Building “Maintenance Free and Eco-friendly”.

We are specialized in Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial projects. We understand our client’s needs, Budgets, and Timelines. Every member of our team is experienced and professional and shares our Value of Delivering Uniqueness to the Client. We are adept at providing a complete Solution of construction services from design to execution and Turnkey projects.

Vastushala Consultants Services

Premium Services
for Architecture

We believe in innovative responsible design that will reflect your creativity. We use the finest quality material to enhance sustainable design and production.


Unique, Minimalistic Design philosophy

Interior Designing

Cost-Effective Design Solutions


Creating a space of your own suitability


Timely Delivery with Best Quality Product

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