ideas to Minimize the substantial weight shouldered by Earth

Something, such as a thought or conception, that a potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity can be called an IDEA… An idea is usually generated with intent, but can also be created unintentionally. For an Architect an Idea is necessary invention that has to be done quite often, to mend the society as well as the NATURAL aspects one’s habitat.

                Environment is the surroundings which include all  forms of life plants, animals, human beings, air,  water, land, buildings, parks, vehicle etc.  Environmental degradation refers to an unfavorable  change of surroundings. It is the detoriation of the  environment through depletion of resources such as  air, water, soil, the destruction of ecosystem and the extinction of wild life.

                Cities have grown at thunderous rates in the last few decades. Settlements have proliferated wherever space is available, even in disaster-prone hillsides, floodplains or along water bodies.  Ad-hoc or absent city planning across a patchwork of disconnected city and state offices has left residents at risk on a number of fronts. As a result of this expansion Architects have to work on the IDEAS of establishing Habitats in air, water or anywhere, but the land. Many visions of the future involve people living in the middle of the ocean. This makes all kinds of sense, since oceans make up two-thirds of the planet’s surface. The biggest question, though, is how can you go about doing this? And the good news is, there are plenty of ways to stake out some marine real estate. Floating urban components will be a new tool in the ongoing search to make our greatest cities worldwide more sustainable and livable. I strongly believe that we will enter an era of consumption urbanism in which floating urban components will help us to react quickly and sustainably to the growing mix of changes. Here are some ideas through which we can achieve the aim reducing the Substantial weight that our mother Earth Shoulders :-1. Re-purposed oil rigs

                Oil rigs could offer the pre-existing infrastructure required to build something greater. Oil rigs are typically forgotten after their work is done (there are a reported 27,000 abandoned oil and gas rigs in the Gulf of Mexico alone), they could be among the coolest places to hang-out when venturing into the deep ocean. Their plan calls for the reconstruction of oil rigs into self-sufficient structures equipped with apartment complexes and marine research stations. Alternately, you could stay at an oil rig repurposed as a hotel — either a luxurious oil-rig-aqua-resort or a diving station from where you can embark on your undersea adventures.

2. Artificial islands For some coastal nations looking to expand upon their existing real estate options, building an island from scratch is another valid, albeit expensive, option.

                Perhaps the best example of this is Dubai, the home to several artificial island projects. These artificial archipelagos are spectacularly beautiful and can accommodate the needs of tourists, the commercial sector, and even residents.
3. Underwater sea resorts But why limit yourself to living on the water when you can also live under it? This is the idea behind such projects as Hydropolis and Poseidon Mystery Island. Hydropolis is a $500 million-plus, 220-room hotel that’s currently in development near Dubai in the Persian Gulf. Once complete, it will be the world’s first underwater hotel. And if all goes planned, it would sit 60 feet below sea level and cost $1,500 a night.And a missile defense system to guard against terrorists. Poseidon, which is also under development, is a $200 million resort that’s slated to be built near Fiji.
4. Sea towers
                Another option is the construction of a sea tower. Similar to the fictional structure portrayed in the film, The Life Aquatic, the tower would be based at the ocean floor and extend high over the surface. Giancarlo Zema has put together a design for such a structure, what he calls the Neptus 60 Cliff Habitat.

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